OpEn positions

Open postdoctoral positions will be announced from the link above.

Open positions available from the link above. Are you a bright, motivated, undergraduate? Are you interested in research in Cosmology? Are you thinking of enrolling in a Master/PhD program? Do you know how to program in a computer programming language such as FORTRAN and/or c? If so, contact me. Be ready to provide grades and reference letters.

Students can be admitted to a PhD only after an undergraduate degree and Master, i.e. at least 300 credits of which at least 65 are of postgraduate studies and of these 65, max 15 are for a research work. This is in agreement with the European Credit Transfer System.
Student funding comes via government (MICINN) grants: JAE, FPU, FPI; local government (Generalitat de Catalunya) grants, and grants related to a specific project. Contact me well in advance if you are interested. Be aware that your grades (for credits as computed above following the European Credit Transfer System) are of crucial importance.

There are several ways to find funding for postdoctoral positions. At the local level there are the Beatriu de Pinos positions, La Caixa junior leader positions as well as specific calls. At the national level there are the Juan de la Cierva positions and the Ramon y Cajal positions (tenure tracks) . At the European level there are Marie Curie fellowships, and of course the ERC grants. For senior positions there is ICREA. Please explore the link above for up to date information on open calls (or contact me for Marie Curie and ERC grants).